All prices displayed on are inclusive of the relevant taxes for each country/province.

payment by credit card

lolaandgrace accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as methods of payment. Your credit card will only be debited once the payment has been authorised with your personal information.

As the lolaandgrace online shop is governed by Swarovski Crystal Online AG and based in Switzerland there may be additional charges to your card depending on your card provider's policies. This can vary but is usually between 1-2% of the purchase value. 

security code

Since 2001 it's been mandatory for all online transactions to be verified with the security code. This code is not saved on the cards magnetic strip nor printed on any payment receipts, proving that the card is with the customer during the online transaction. This helps protect against fraudulent purchases.

For Visa and Mastercard holders the security code is the last three digits on the signature panel on the back of your card. For American Express card holders, the security code is a four-digit code found in the top right corner on the front of your card.


PayPal takes the payment directly from your registered card or PayPal balance. No payment details will be shared with Swarovski.