Shooting Stars Palm Cuff

$ 48.00 $ 25.00

Milan Infinity Palm Cuff

$ 44.00 $ 22.00

Angel Wing Outline Palm Cuff

$ 48.00 $ 25.00
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lolaandgrace presents an extraordinary range of bracelets, bangles and cuffs; everything your stylish heart could possibly desire. No matter the season, no matter your fashion type or creative mood, it’s amazing what a few bangles and bracelets can do to transition your wardrobe from season to season. Go from humdrum bleak to spot-on chic with one of the many lolaandgrace crystal bracelets for women. Wear a singular, bold statement piece over the sleeve of that classic sweater or vamp up the white tee and jeans classic with an eclectic mix of stackable bangles and leather bracelets. Discover endless ways to upgrade your style in a flash! Obsessed with individuality? So are we. lolaandgrace has a birthstone bracelet for every month of the year. Double the fun and double the glam by wearing a bracelet with the birthstone of your “special someone” alongside your own birthstone bracelet. Ooh-la-la … timeless fashion infused with a pop of brilliant colour. Bracelets, bangles and cuffs are empowering style-tools. Honestly, with just a twist on the wrist you can give your look and wardrobe a whole new vibe! Go from workplace sensation to dance-floor babe in the wink of an eye with fashion jewellery from lolaandgrace. Each awesome collection release presents you with oodles of exciting bracelets and bangles to express your every whim. So go on … challenge your own creativity and imagination. Play with chunky, punky, elegant, urban, vogue or rogue. lolaandgrace is here to help you pave your way into the fast lane of fashion.